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One of the UK's most experienced building limes manufacturers with over 10,000 tonnes of lime produced & supplied throughout the UK since 1996

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Professional advice in the use of lime building materials for all areas of construction including specialist areas of application (masonry repairs, roofing, flooring and insulation)
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hydrated lime

Dry hydrate of lime. Often included to weaken cement mixes to resemble lime mortar. The result is a softer cement mortar, but lacking in flexibilty, permeability and bonding. Questionable results over time led to the re-introduction of lime putty.

non-hydraulic lime

Slow setting, lime putty mortars are highly permeable. The porosity and softness provides a sacrificial bond with brick and stone protecting the building by slowing deterioration and damage caused by the environment.

hydraulic lime

Packaged and prepared in a similar fashion to cement and sets as quickly. Used where lime putty mortars would otherwise require specialist application and care (chimneys, wall copings, mill races, water defences, flooring).

non-hydraulic (putty)

Lime Mortar

Ready to use, for bricklaying, pointing, simple repair work etc.

Lime Render

Lime render (scratch coat) with construction fibre or traditional hair

Lime Plaster

Lime plaster (finishing coat) provides a gypsum smooth finish

Ashlar Mix

Fine grade stonedust blend mortars - Bath, Cotswold and Portland

hydraulic (NHL,powder)


Feebly Hydraulic. Interior finishing plasters, exterior work on weak structures and earthworks.

NHL 3.5

Moderately hydraulic. Allows the best reproduction of sand colour. All applications & finishes.


Eminently hydraulic. Strength and rapid resistance to frost, for use below the DPC and external rendering.

Pre-mixed Lime Mortars

Non-hydraulic (putty lime) pre-mixed mortars or available pre-blended with NHL for on-site mixing.

Lime Putty Lime Render Lime Plaster
Lime Putty made from the hardest setting burnt limestone (quicklime) slaked & matured for a minimum of 6 months (10 Litres)


Will produce 45 litres of lime wash
Coverage approx. 1m2 per litre
Coarse stuff haired & un-haired lime render
for base/scratch/float coat plaster work
on brick, stone & lath. Internal/External (20 kg)


£220.00 per ton
Coverage approx. 30m2 at 20mm
Lime finishing plaster providing a gypsum
smooth finish for internal walls (20 kg)


£290.00 per ton
Coverage approx. 160m2 at 3mm

Lime Mortar Fine Ashlar Hydraulic
Pre-mixed lime mortar for building, pointing, simple repair work (20kg)


£190 per ton
Pointing 30-40m2
laying 1000 bricks 400 stone
Cotswold, Bath & Portland for fine joint work (20kg)


£260 per ton < 2mm
£320 per ton <1mm
to match existing stone
Natural Hydraulic (powdered) NHL
NHL2, NHL 3.5, NHL 5


St Astier/Singleton Birch

Lime Wash

Painted surfaces should be of Lime Wash or a similar ecological 'micro-porous' mineral product
Natural Earth Pigments - Full Range of traditional Raw and Burnt Umbers, Siennas and Ochres


(10 Litres)

Paul C. Leaver
Building Limes Specialist

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