Nearing our 30th year, The Traditional Lime Company has manufactured non-hydraulic (lime putty) mortars, renders and plasters, for building conservation & restoration, right here, in the beautiful heart of the Cotswolds.

We stock a range of traditional building products including Laths, Woodwool Board, Stone Repair Mortars, Pozzolans, Pigments & Mineral Paints.

Main agents for the St. Astier natural hydraulic lime products range.

St. Astier Technical Lime Binders


Premixed natural hydraulic lime mortars for building, rendering and finishing coats.

Available in a wide range of colours.

The absence of cement, ashes and other pozzolanic additions together with its other qualities, make EcoMortar highly suitable for repair and conservation work on traditional, vernacular and historic buildings.

In new build the properties of EcoMortar will allow joint free construction, dispersion of condensation and will accommodate small settlement movements.

Eco-Mortar R

Ready mixed renovating plasters.

Where lime plasters and renders have been repaired with gypsum plasters or sand/cement mortars.

ECOMORTAR R50 will adhere to gypsum, cement and plasterboard, whilst allowing the existing lime to retain it's qualities.

ECOMORTAR R100 will adhere to all of the above as well as painted backgrounds, including gloss paint, concrete, tiles, metals and waterproofed surfaces.

Ecofriendly cement free products, can be used externally with suitable breathable mineral paints.



All the benefits of a traditional lime product but with modern design principles in mind.

Ready mixed in a variety of colours.

Monocouche (one-coat, thru-color) for manual or sprayable application.

Suitable for a multitude of substrates to achieve a timeless and perfect finish.

INTERCROMEX® Base coat for manual/sprayable application onto metal lath/cement backgrounds


Lime products allow moisture to travel through them and will wick away moisture from brick or stone & deteriorate faster than the surrounding masonry, protecting the building for centuries.
Lime mortars are able to form hairline cracks that self-heal in the presence of moisture, by form of carbonation, reducing the chances of forming larger cracks
Lime absorbs CO2 as it cures, gives off less CO2 in it's production and uses less energy during production than cement based products

Buildings reclaim over 95% of the brick & stone used when built with lime products. Lime can be re-burnt or used as aggregate in re-building works.

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