The Cornerstone (Hydraulic Lime) Range
Cornerstone Drymix & Pro-Mix are produced in the UK & specifically designed for older properties and are fully heritage compliant.

Cornerstone premixed hydraulic lime products take all the variables out of the equation and allows the contractor to focus on the work itself. Made from St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes, selected sands and a few work aids to control the most fundamental aspects of your mortar's performance, it guarantees mix consistency and ensures what is supplied matches what was specified.

Insulating Render

Using 0-2mm recycled lightweight aggregates, Insulating Render out performs similar products by over 50%

Using NHL2 Internal or External on solid walls, upto 30mm in one coat, and providing a K Value of 0.132

Ultra-light 9kg for the same amount as a 25kg bag.

1mm aggregate. Colour : Cream Grey.

Dry Mix

Drymix is made using NHL3.5 and is available for both Rendering and Building/pointing.

Colour coded, the YELLOW bag is for Pointing, the RED bag is for base coat render

4mm aggregate ideal for stone work.
Colour : Cotswold Stone.

Pro Mix

Promix is mixed at a ratio of 2:5 with NHL2 and is designed for Internal/External top coat plaster.

Ideal for pointing & building in red brick.

Significantly improved workability, suitable for high suction backgrounds

2mm aggregate - Colour: Cotswold Stone

The Traditional (Non-Hydraulic) Lime Range
A range of products developed over the years to cater for the majority of our customers.

Mature lime putty, super fine sieved, used as a binder for all applications. Supplied in 15 Litre tubs & 1 tonne bulk bags.

Standard Lime Mortars

Available in 3 basic regional colours; The Cotswolds, Hereford & Worcester and Bristol.


Using 0-4mm well graded, sharp washed sand, and available in light (bm2) and dark (bm6) variations.

For building, pointing, plaster float coat.

Supplied in 15 Litre Tubs & Bulk Bags with Liner.

4mm aggregate. Colour : Cream Buff.


Using 0-4mm well graded, sharp washed sand, for red soil regions like the Forest of Dean.

For building, pointing.

Supplied in 15 Litre Tubs & Bulk Bags with Liner.

4mm aggregate. Colour : Soft red.


Using 0-2mm well graded, sharp washed sand, and closely resembles Portland Stone Dust.

For building, pointing, esp. brick work.

Supplied in 15 Litre Tubs & Bulk Bags with Liner.

2mm aggregate. Colour : White / Grey.